24 July 2006

A messy return to work

Back to work today to filter through copious amounts of emails and phone messages…joy! I always hate the first day back after a vacation. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth while because I always have to work doubly hard to play catch-up.

Leaving home this morning felt strange. I was not looking forward to the prospect of finding my new bus stop and adding an extra 10-15 minutes to my usual commute. To make matters worse, because it is a new development, the express bus does not run often; this means getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure I get downtown on time.

I started off Monday in fine fashion today – tired, cranky, sore….muddy.
After taking special care to dress up and look my best, I grudgingly made my way down the street to the bus stop. Because we had heavy rain showers during the night, the ground was awash with mud. Being extra careful not to ruin my favourite sandals, I slowly picked my way down the street. I started to breath a sigh of relief once the bus stop came into view…alas, to soon! A huge truck came rumbling down the street, causing me to step aside. I put my foot on what looked like a dry patch of dirt, only to discover a deep mud hole. Plomp! My beautiful sandals sank beneath the mud. After freeing my feet and sandals, I tried to rub mud off on the pavement to no avail. Turning back home was not an option otherwise I’d miss my bus and be late for work. So there you have it, my first day back at work began with a dirty and uncomfortable ride to work… bar the strange looks from fellow commuters.

I hope that Dan’s day is going better. While I sat caked in mud, Dan was comfortably sipping coffee and playing computer games back home. I really must learn to adopt his morning ritual.

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