22 July 2006

House = Work = Exhaustion

Work, work, work! Turns out I’ll need a vacation from my vacation. I knew that moving into a new home would be busy, but nothing could have prepared me for everything that has happened over the past week.

For the most part, everything major has been handled. The appliances are working and all of our furniture was delivered and assembled with no problems. Dan has become a master furniture builder and I’ve discovered a newfound talent for drilling drywall. All in all, with the guidance of friends and family, we are starting to learn about the ups and downs of homeownership. So far we’ve had the developer in to look at a leaky kitchen sink and crooked countertop. We are quickly learning that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”…it pays to complain!

Living in a new house has proved to be challenging. I’ve had to ignore my aversion to clutter and messy environments. I’m quickly discovering that dust is impossible to get rid of right now, especially seeing as we still live in a construction zone. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with general tidying and unpacking our remaining bits and bobs. It’s a slow progression but I’m getting there.

I can truly say that the house is starting to feel more like home now. Dan and I have only been in the house for one week and we have already hosted two dinner parties. It was nice to finally be able to give something back to my parents. There’s a certain degree of pride that comes with having your folks over for dinner, a sense of accomplishment, sort of like assuring them that they reared you well.

With house matters well on track, I was able to refocus some of my attention on the wedding today. Our cake has been confirmed with the baker and I went out to Carleton Place for my 2nd fitting this morning. You know you have an awesome Maid of Honour, when she gets up at 6:00 am on a Saturday to drive you out of town for a 10 minute dress fitting. Very happy with the way everything looks now. I have to make sure to maintain my current physique, otherwise I’ll be eating my words in two months time. No pressure whatsoever…

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