17 May 2006

Golf…creator of the beefy forearm!

Last night I had my first foray into the wonderful world of golf. In an attempt to find a common activity which we could enjoy together, Dan and I decided that we would start lessons. Being a complete golf virgin, I was naturally a little nervous.

For those who know me well, patience and sportsmanlike conduct are not fortes of mine.
I have a particularly annoying habit of competing with myself and becoming frustrated when I don’t excel at things right away. After 30minutes of continuous swinging at the range, it was apparent that I will “never” be giving Tiger Woods a run for his title.

I must have made a pretty funny sight. Anytime I managed to hit the ball, I got a big stupid grin on my face…never mind the fact that the ball may have only moved ten feet. In my defense, I was only using a 7 Iron. I did manage to get a few decent shots near the 100 yard marker, although totally by fluke. Hopefully I’ll get to use my “badass” driver soon.

To all you golfers out there, I am truly sorry that I used to mock your sport. I had always assumed that it was a lazy man’s game. In all fairness it isn’t overly exerting, but my arms and back sure do hurt like hell today! Thank God I will only require my legs for Irish dancing tonight.

For your enjoyment, I have posted a funny cartoon sketch that reminds me of myself. I don't smoke, but I did find out that I don't appreciate friendly advice on the golfing green ; )

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