14 May 2006

Inspector's worst nightmare

The pre-delivery inspection is over and I have to say that our team of critics really came in handy. Between FH, myself, mom, dad and FIL, I think we managed to terrify the inspector. All in all, the house looked pretty good however we managed to point out several nitpicky details that the average human being may have left unnoticed.

Crawling around on my hands and knees, with my eyes practically glued to the floor, I managed to detect several small chips or scratches in the hardwood. The inspector gave FH and I a roll of masking tape to mark off boards that we want to have changed. I don’t think he anticipated having as much tape on the floor as we ended up with.

While FH and I worked our way through the main floor, the rest of the family spread out throughout the house. They were relentless in their ability to point out little details that needed attention. Mom & dad have a good eye for the aesthetic, while FH’s dad was in charge of all things structural. I was nice to have so many pairs of eyes examining the house. I was even surprised by me and FH’s ability to pick up faults. It’s amazing how thorough one becomes when they are suddenly paying for a home!

We were very pleased with everything overall. The taping in house is particularly well done. I’ve gone into some brand new homes where I can already spot nail pops and cracks; not a single one was to be found in our place. I know this will change over time, but I was pleased to see good straight walls with no blemishes from the start.

Only a few more months now until we are ready to move! It’s crazy to think that year’s of waiting are almost at an end. It’s a bizarre melange of excitement, trepidation and even a little bit of sadness. A new stage of life is just around the corner.

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