19 May 2006

Proudly destroying turf

Last night Dan and I attended our second golf lesson. We got to the range early, so we decided to kill a bucket before we met up with the instructor. It seemed like a good idea at the time, although my arms are regretting it now. On the upside, the muscles do look nice and tight.

I walked away from yesterday’s lesson feeling much more confident. While I still scream amateur, I did manage get a few nice shots near the 100 yard marker. Once again we were using the 7 iron. If I’m still only hitting 100 yards when I try out my driver next week, I’ll have to reexamine my newfound confidence.

I always thought I’d hate golf, but I have to admit that there is definitely something gratifying about swinging clubs and propelling objects after a hard day at work. I have also discovered that making large divots in the ground is rather amusing. If anyone is looking for a non-conventional means to aerate their lawn, I am available for hire.

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