11 January 2014

So this happened this week...

Can you guess why? It’s a GIRL!

Hubby and I can hardly believe our luck. We always figured that we would have two boys. I would have been happy with another little guy, especially after all the ups and down it took us to get to this point; a girl is just the icing on the cake. I actually cried when I found out during the ultrasound.

To celebrate, I did what any other woman would do – I shopped! I just had to rush out and mark the moment by getting baby girl her first frilly little outfit. I’ll admit that I felt totally out of my depth in the girl’s department – the clothing just seems so much more complicated. Something tells me I’ll get the hang of it though.

Drew’s reaction to the gender reveal was very sweet. He is very excited to have a little baby sister to “protect” and has already started taking the role quite seriously. He is forever kissing my belly, calling her beautiful, and telling her about all the neat things they can do when she comes out. It's fun to see how engaged he is and how much he wants to be part of the process, I guess that’s one of the benefits of a larger age gap. He gets the concept a bit better at this age and is eager to help. The one burning question he does have is, “How on earth did she get in Mommy’s belly?” No doubt, the response will likely need its own blog post.

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