04 January 2014

Sexy laundry

First off, get your mind out of the gutters!

I’m a mother of a crazy four-year-old boy and I’m rapidly approaching porpoise size with my current pregnancy. You know darn well there is nothing in my current wardrobe befitting of the title “sexy.”

While my clothing certainly leaves a lot to be desired, at least I can say that the room in which I wash said clothing is looking a little more fashion-forward. Gone are the days of lusting over designer dresses and accessories, now I fantasize over dressing up my laundry room. Perhaps it’s a wee bit depressing, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy. After all, I do seem to spend a good deal of my “free” time in the laundry room. Basically, I just needed a functionality overhaul. Because my laundry room is on the main floor of my house, and readily visible to guests using the powder room. I would often leave the door open, revealing a bulging shelf and a myriad of washing supplies and towels strewn around. It wasn’t very practical. So this Christmas my husband fulfilled a longstanding request – the need for more storage!

So far we have put up new cabinets, added a cheap table top over the machine for folding clothes, and I splurged on some glass tiles to freshen up the space. Not being the handiest of people, I have to say that I am pretty proud of both hubby and I for our progress so far. Once we got into the reno spirit, we decided to rip out the hideous stained utility sink, and replace it with a modern stainless steel one. These projects always have a domino effect – you start with one little thing and you soon find yourself doing a whole room remodel.

So here is the look thus far. I wish I had taken a true "before" shot. Today we tackle the sink (side note - plumbing frightens me). I may go around wearing hideous clothing, but at least I will clean it in style. As you can see, I totally have my priorities straight.

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