07 July 2010

First family vacation

Once again – horrible with the blog updates.

I am happy to report that our first official house party was a hit. Not only were we celebrating hubby’s big “30”, the occasion also marked Andrew’s very first sleepover. How did he handle it? Very well! How did Mom handle it, not as well…

Motherhood is indeed a bizarre thing. On one hand, I was looking forward to a night free from responsibility and routine, on the other hand I spent half of my evening thinking about Drew and missing him. It’s amazing how attached I have become to my little guy; up until that day we had never spent a night apart since he was born. The house felt very empty without him sleeping away in his crib. On a positive note, however, this is a good sign that Drew is getting more adaptable and can have more sleepovers if need be. He can be a handful, however, so I don’t think I’d ask anyone to watch him for more than one night.

The success of Drew’s first sleepover got hubby and I thinking about planning our first family vacation. While we are certainly not brave enough (nor wealthy enough) to hop on a plane with him, we do think we could manage a short two-day escape to the Thousand Islands. We have booked ourselves at a cute little Inn on Alexandria Bay, NY, in August. We lucked out and were able to grab an efficiency suite with a separate bedroom that Andrew can nap it. The room has a balcony overlooking the harbor so hubby and I can sit out with some wine and a good book while the little one catches up on some rest. We will only be a short 10 minute ferry ride from some islands and tourist attractions so we should be able to get in a fair bit of sightseeing during his awake hours.

I’m sure the trip will be a bit of an adventure but, if others can managed to travel with young infants, so can we. It certainly won’t be one of those footloose and fancy free vacations of the past, but I look forward to traveling with Andrew and letting him see the world. My parents brought both my brother and I everywhere with them when we were young and we developed a great interest in history and geography at a very early age. I want Drew to have the same opportunity. While he may be young yet, it never hurts to start him off early. I think the change of scenery will do us all some good. We have been 100% focused on setting up the new home, it will be nice to just focus on the family and enjoying ourselves.

Let the countdown begin!!!

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