19 June 2010

Still no photos but lovin' life

Would you believe that I haven’t even taken pictures of our new home yet? I know, I know…horrible.

Judging by the lack of frequent updates, I’m sure you can deduce that things have continued to be busy for our wee family of three. I’m happy to report that all boxes are unpacked, blinds are installed and the bulk of our artwork has found a home. I’m very nitpicky (imagine that) about where things go and decorating, sadly for hubby, is a very precise measure. Thankfully, the rest of the little details can wait for a while. I was very eager to get everything “just right” so that I could finally relax (ha!) and start enjoying the house.

Despite only having been settled for one month, we have had some time to take it all in. Hubby and I are like a little old couple; our favourite activity is sitting out on our big covered porch, drinking wine and watching the world go by until the sun goes down. I have a love affair with our new porch and try to get out there when Andrew naps with a good book and a cool drink. I can even sit out on rainy days and stay dry and comfy. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s honestly my little oasis amidst a sea of mud and construction equipment. I like to think that if my Grammy were still alive, she would heartily approve of the porch and we would sit out for hours just talking like we used to all those summers ago when I was a little girl.

Drew has settled well into his new home. He is now crawling and I’m grateful for the extra space. It is nice to have a safe playroom to put him in and not have to worry about turning my back for a single second…although he does manage to find trouble despite having things bolted down in there. We have yet to gate off the house but, after catching him chewing on our new (and splintery) entertainment unit, I’m thinking we’re going to have to break out the big guns soon. Thankfully he’s not too fast yet but he is starting to learn at an alarming rate and I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before I find myself chasing after him. I find myself saying “No!” and “Don’t touch,” far too often these days. People are so true when they you that parenting gets better but not easier.

Let’s see…what else can I throw into this mishmash blog post with no discernable theme or outline? Can you tell I have been away from the office for far too long? My ramblings truly are just that! Hmmmm…

We are throwing a 30
th Birthday party for hubby / house warming next weekend. We have over twenty people attending and we are both very excited to give our friends the grand tour and enjoy a much-needed night of libations. It will be Drew’s first sleepover away from us and I am both excited by the prospect of a night of freedom but also nervous about having him out for the night…motherhood is strange mixture of emotions. I’m sure my father-in-law will do just fine, as will Drew. I can’t believe it took us eight months to finally relax enough to leave him overnight with family. I always swore I would never be overprotective…that was before I had a child. Honestly though, the space does both he and us good. We usually have Drew babysat several times in a month and he is becoming much more adaptable and comfortable around others. I’m making a conscious effort to boost his independence now as he’ll be starting daycare in less than four months, how strange that will be!

Speak of the devil, sounds like Drew is done with napping. I hear him cooing “DeDeDaDa” in his crib. Sadly he only comes remotely close to saying “Mama” when he is whining, overtired or angry…go figure. I think he does it to mess with my head.

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HamiHarri said...

Congrats on your new home! I'm jealous of Drew's playroom - you must post pics!