03 May 2010


Perhaps I don’t mention it enough, but I am thankful for everything I do have in my life.

I never thought that people would read this blog, a somewhat light and satirical look into my life and thoughts (hence the ‘ramblings’), and actually take offense to what I was posting.
Believe me, that wasn’t and isn’t my intent.

I realize that what I write here is public domain and therefore subject to comment or criticism.
But I’m hardly writing about controversial matters…or so I thought.

While I may complain about little day-to-day frustrations, never once do I actually take for granted what I do have.
I still pray to God nightly and give thanks for all the good things in my life. If I gripe about a bad day with my son, an issue at work or how much I hate packing for the upcoming move, it doesn’t mean that I feel burdened, unlucky or hard done by. I know I have it good.

I won’t get into the specifics re: why I am posting this but I will say that someone personally and publically (via facebook) attacked me concerning what I post here on this blog.
Yes, I can see many of you scratching your heads right now in confusion – don’t worry, so am I. I realize that worrying about clothing size, overfeeding, temper tantrums, etc., are trivial in the grand scheme of things. But you know what? We all complain; it’s human, it’s healthy and it doesn’t mean that we aren’t grateful for what we have. I’ve lost enough people close to me, seen poverty beyond description, and spent countless years volunteering with the less fortunate to know that I’m lucky…but you didn’t know all that about me, did you? I never knew I would have to give my entire life history for fear of an attack on my character.

I am fortunate that my life has been relatively easy thus far, but the path hasn’t always been rosy and perfect.
I do, in fact, live the real world and have been my entire life. Too bad satire is lost on some people, but not as sad as pointing a pessimistic finger at people before you even really truly know them.

If you are looking for sunshine and roses, you may find it here on occasion.
If you’re looking for trivial little anecdotes about my day, you’ll find those too. I’m not looking for a Pulitzer Prize, this is not some underlying social critique. It is a satirical blog, written by an average Canadian woman, wife and mother.

You know what is truly trivial? Getting up in arms over a trivial little blog. You’re right; there are more important things in the world, so I suggest you turn your attention to them and leave me alone.

To those of you that do support me. To the people that make me truly thankful (Hello auties, uncles and cousins across Canada reading this). I love you and thank you.

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