04 May 2010

Two weeks to go

We are living amidst boxes and the excitement is starting to build - only two more weeks until moving time!

I am, however, starting to see a flaw in my preparation. When I went to grab my flip flops to take Andrew on his walk yesterday, I realized that I left the right sandal in the closet and packed the left side. Don’t believe it when people tell you that it always pays to be organized. Maybe I’m just disorganizaly (yes, I’m make that an adjective) disorganized.

Things are starting to look a little bare around here and I think poor Drew is wondering where all the colours went. We try to spend lots of time in the sun these days because soon we’ll be back to no yard…or rather a mud patch for him to slosh about in. Come to think of it, Andrew would probably enjoy mud more than grass ; )

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