17 May 2010

All packed up

Today is the day we get the keys to our new home. Hubby is bouncing off the walls with excitement; I would bounce too but I’m too damn tired to barely even stand straight. At this point I just want to get in there, unpack and start enjoying the fun that comes with setting up and decorating. I don’t think I want to pack another box for a good twenty-five years…which works out well because that’s how long it will probably take us to pay off the mortgage – Ha!

Cross your fingers everyone for a smooth move. We’ll be taking over some of the fragile ourselves today and we have movers coming for the rest of the furniture and heavy boxes tomorrow. We’re in for some exhausting days ahead but we’re very happy and thankful to be able to move into a family home – something I didn’t anticipate happening for another two years or so.

I’m still feeling quite emotional about leaving our first home. I’m sure I’ll tear up when I come back to clean it and see it completely emptied. I think it’s Andrew’s nursery that gets me the most. I’ll never forget the hours spent rocking him while looking out his bedroom window during those rough first three months. I’ll never forget seeing him roll for the first time across his bedroom floor or running laps around the entire house, jumping up and down, when I found out I was expecting him. I have so many wonderful memories attached to these walls. I think that some of the best years of my life, thus far, were spent here. All this being said, I’m sure our new home will witness some wonderful new memories.

Okay, so now that I’m crying (I think I need to have me head examined), I’ll sign off with my last official post from my first home. See you on the other side. I’ll be sure to post a few pictures of the new digs when I manage to find my camera connection cord.

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