13 May 2010

Five more sleeps

Get me out of here! These bare walls are starting to drive me bonkers and I’m tired of stubbing my toes as I navigate around boxes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I hate moving! Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy and thankful that we are able to move into our “forever home” but, as far as the process of packing and moving all our belongings, I hate it!

Last night hubby and I worked on tearing things down and packing up until 11 PM. I think I spend every second that Andrew is napping packing boxes. I broke down and finally escaped on Tuesday evening to go to the gym for a sorely needed change on pace and a long-overdue butt kick as we have been eating garbage lately.

Having my license has proved very handy as I have been running errands and shuttling things around for the move. With two drivers on moving day, things should go a lot more smoothly. I still haven’t braved the highway but I have been jigging around Orleans a good deal. I love the freedom of it!

Today’s errands consist of: bringing frozen meat from my deepfreeze to my parents place for storage, dropping off empties at the beer store, getting applesauce and searching for a drum for Andrew…because he’s really in a ‘smashing’ and ‘banging’ phase right now. Okay, so they aren’t the most glamorous or exciting errands to run, but at least I am able to do them on my own without relying on hubby.

With any luck, and providing Drew naps well this afternoon and lets me pack more, I may get to head to the gym again tonight. It’s probably good that I keep myself as busy as humanly possible, otherwise I’d just be sitting here getting excited to the point of bursting…almost there!

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