18 October 2009


Not a damn thing! Well...no baby at least.

This pregnancy thing is really starting to get long in the tooth. I was near tears this morning as I kept waking every 45 minutes due to pain in my fingers and numbness in my hands and arms. The carpal tunnel syndrome has kicked it up a notch this week and it always seems to hit me hardest at night when I should be catching up on as many Zzzzs as possible. I eventually reach a point, typically around 6:00 or 7:00 AM, where I abandon all hope and haul myself out of bed. I can't help but shake my fist as hubby lets out a contented little sigh, steals my body pillow and continues to slumber on peacefully; some mornings it takes all my willpower not to thump him on the head.

No big plans for today other than the usual - try to stay occupied without using my hands too much. I've come to the realization that I would probably go crazy without the use of my hands; I can never seem to let them rest idle (blogging = case and point). I see my legs as my primary source of exercise - one of my great passions in life that has since been hindered by swollen feet and ankles. On the other hand (pardon the cheesy pun), my hands are my portal to creativity - writing, cooking, crafting - my other great passions in life. Needless to say, when the doctor tells me to rest both my feet and hands, I feel more than a little surly and trapped...very trapped. While I would like to heed the doctor's suggestion, boredom is far more detrimental to my health and sanity.

Today I'm fighting back - I'm going to break down and purchase some wrist splints to see if that will give me some form of pain relief. I was trying to avoid making the purchase seeing as I'm so close to my due date, but I'm getting a little desperate.

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