15 October 2009

In stitches

Being off work is bizarre. What is even more unnerving, however, is the fact that I’m basically sitting around waiting to produce a human - what will only be the most monumental and significant change in my life. Is it any wonder that I can’t relax?

Because I have the attention span of a toddler, I find myself trying to come up with a myriad of different activities to fill my days. I tend to have the frustrating habit of measuring everything I do in little quadrants of time, a freakish side-effect from a Microsoft Outlook “organization” workshop that I took last year….it’s like having a day planner ingrained in my brain. Something tells me that I’m going to have to get over this particular quirk once “Bean” gets here.

In an attempt to keep my mind clear and my feet up, I have found myself returning to my childhood roots – crafting. I can’t seem to keep my hands idle these days and have been mass producing Christmas decorations. With six cross-stitch ornaments already complete, I’m anxious to find a new way to occupy my hands (that and my eyes aren’t so great with the intricate small stitches anymore). Suddenly, it dawned on me that perhaps I could take up knitting – what I consider to be one of my greatest artistic downfalls in life. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was a child and my mother-in-law tried to pass the craft on before she died; it was the one thing that I couldn’t seem to find the patience for. Secretly, however, all these years I have harbored a desire to knit myself a beautiful green winter scarf – one simple solitary piece of knitting that I could wear with pride. I have no idea why, but that darn scarf is suddenly of paramount importance – I MUST knit and I MUST succeed at it.

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