14 October 2009

39 weeks!

I had some strange twinges and pains last night after waking up several times to use the bathroom. I’m still not sure I’d call them contractions, at least not as I know them to be, but hubby had to apply some firm pressure to my lower back to help me out. Today I see my OB for “hopefully” my last prenatal appointment. While he won’t do any internals until week 40, I’m hoping that he may “check things out” given the odd pains I had yesterday; I’m anxious to know if I have dilated at all. I realize I could be stuck like this for another two weeks before induction, but any small indication of progress would be nice.

It’s gearing up to be another lazy day so I really don’t have anything exciting to report.
I got my remaining maternity pictures back from Sheri yesterday so I’ll leave you with a few. I’m very glad I had this done! While I don’t feel particularly attractive these days, the photos are beautiful!

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