11 September 2009

Head down

34 weeks and 2 days! The countdown is on and it’s hard to believe that I’m getting so close to term. While I have been blessed with a very easy pregnancy, minus the unsightly purple left leg, I have a feeling that I’ll be more than willing to meet by little “Bean” by 38 weeks.

I had another OB appointment this morning and everything seems to be going well – nice strong heartbeat and the baby appears to be in head down position, beginning his drop into my pelvic region. I was more than startled when the doctor pushed down on either side of my pelvis; it was very uncomfortable and it took me my surprise because I had never experienced and pain down there before. Most of my sensations have been up in the ribs (where baby’s bum and feet have found a happy home). I had no clue that the baby had even started to make his drop.

I am still a little bit bummed out about my ever-increasing weight gain. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have gained close to 40 lbs now and will be probably be a full 50 lbs total in the end. I expressed my concern to the OB but he told me to ignore the silly 25-35 lb. standard that I keep hearing about in books. While I do indulge in a daily treat or two, I also make it a point to eat a very well balanced diet and have been exercising and lifting weights throughout pregnancy. At 34 weeks pregnant I’m still cleaning the house, washing the car, pulling weeds and digging in the garden. I’m probably in better shape than most un-pregnant folk and yet I can’t stop packing on the weight. My doctor seems to think that my body is actually happier being a bit “chubby”. I was on a strict diet and exercise regime for 18 months before getting pregnant and while I was fit and lean, my body was probably more comfortable at 10-15 lbs. heavier. Body be damned, I say, I plan on getting back into my size 6 post baby.


TheCakeLady said...

Oh please ... you look great and you will once Bean is here! :)

(yes, I have started a blog so now we're blog buddies too :P)

TheCakeLady said...

Oh please ... you look great and you will after Bean has arrived! :)