02 September 2009

Showered with kindness!

This weekend hubby and I attended our baby shower at Mom’s place. We are still reeling from the generosity and kindness of family and friends. I took me a full day of solid work just to wash and store away all the wonderful gifts that we received for “Bean”. He’s not yet arrived in this world and he already has more clothing than I do…quite impressive!

In particular, I was blown away by the amount of talent that we have in our circle of family and friends. We received several beautiful handmade keepsakes that can be passed down through the generations:

- beautiful folk-art painted lamp, complete with zoo theme;
- adorable bear door hanger;
- memory keepsake box with Irish blessing on the inside;
- knitted sweater, hat, mitts and booties
- hand-sewn burp cloths
- cross-stitched bib
- two baby quilts and knitted baby blankets
- baby scrapbook

Not surprisingly, my hormones and emotions got the best of me and I was reduced to tears at several points during the shower. (A wee bit embarrassing) It’s overwhelming to be the recipients of that level of generosity and to know that so many folks are there to support you and share in the excitement of a new little life. I can’t wait to introduce our son to everyone and, of course, to kit him out in all his finery!

Thank you to everyone who came out to shower us with kindness and support. We are truly blessed!For those interested in seeing photos, please visit my new online photo gallery!

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