16 September 2009

For crying out loud

Literally! That’s all I seem to do these days!

As a general rule of thumb, hormonal pregnant women should be banned from the following activities:

- watching sappy romantic movies
- viewing marathon sessions of a Baby Story (on TLC)
- reminiscing over old childhood photographs
- listening to any song that contains meaningful lyrics
- reading romantic novels or stories about family
- tipping bathroom scales
- entering favourite pre-pregnancy clothing retail stores
- shopping at fashionable shoe stores

Needless to say, I think you get my point!

For the remainder of my pregnancy, I vow to listen to nothing but rap and heavy metal, read murder mysteries and watch horror movies or comedy programs. Also be warned that any endearing comments passed my way may result in blubbering. It’s best to be firm and stern with me…but not too much or I'll probably start crying from that too.

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