18 September 2009

I’m ready for my close-up…kinda

For most people that know me or read the blog, it’s no great mystery that I haven’t exactly fully embraced or appreciated my pregnant body. While I’ve had a very easy ride thus far (knock on wood), and I’m thrilled to be having my first child, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of my Buddah-esque physique and weight gain. Of course I realize that it’s all par for the course, but it doesn’t mean I actually have to love it!

Sometimes I feel guilty about not appreciating my belly more; I’m already in love with the contents within but I can’t help but feel just a little goofy…almost as though I’ve smuggled a beach ball under my shirt. It feels awkward on such a small and short frame. People keep telling me that I look “cute” which makes me feel just a touch cartoony.

Despite all my griping, I realize that this is a special time in my life and something that I may actually miss when all is said and done. In an attempt to capture the “beauty” of pregnancy (who knew?), I have decided to book a professional maternity photo shoot tomorrow. While I’m sure my son will have little interest in looking at these photos when he’s older, I’m doing this as a gift to myself and a reminder of what it was like to be pregnant with my first. I figure I’ll enjoy looking back on these photos when I’m older, grayer and wiser.

I have entirely no idea what to expect tomorrow but I’m hoping to walk away with some beautiful shots and ‘maybe’ a greater appreciation for my blooming belly. I have also booked a follow-up newborn photography session as part of a very reasonable package. One to two weeks after “Bean” arrives, the photographer will come to my home to capture out little man in all the scrunchy newborn cuteness – very much à la Anne Geddes.

Wish me luck!

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