27 August 2009

The drunkard in my belly

Hic, hic, hic….
It’s that time of day again!

At some point between 3:00 and 4:00 every afternoon, almost without fail, the baby goes through a bout of the hiccups. At first I used to feel bad for the little guy, now I just laugh at his predictability. I certainly hope they don’t feel as unpleasant inside the womb as they do outside. For now I take comfort in knowing that his diaphragm is developing as he has started the act of trying to breath…such a smart little one!

All these hiccups lead me to wonder what he’s going to be like once he’s in the world. Hopefully this afternoon ritual is only a passing “in womb” phase….otherwise I may have one discontented baby on my hands.

I had a dream several nights ago about the “Bean”. For the first time ever, I saw his face! I’m somewhat scared to report that he looked exactly like his father, which typically wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that baby was sporting the same unshaven half-beard look as hubby. So it seems I may have a child that hiccups like a drunkard and looks like a hobo…excellent!

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