06 March 2009

Sleep…the stuff of dreams

With the city’s Irish Fest just around the corner, it seems that my every waking moment has been consumed with writing press releases, fixing websites, giving interviews and generally catching far too little Zzzzs for my liking. To say that I’m tired would be an understatement…I’m positively popped! Next week cannot end soon enough!

I wish I had something happier to post about these days, but I’ve just been too darned busy at work and with the volunteer stuff in the evenings. I think I’m slowly driving myself towards a meltdown. To make matters worse, I feel terrible for not being able to give more time to my parents who are trying to cope with their respective recoveries and all the quirks, frustrations and challenges that come with it. I offer help where I can or when Mom actually lets on that she needs a hand, but my own strength is zapped these days.

Here’s hoping that Spring brings quieter days!

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