15 February 2009

Looking to escape…again

Back from the cruise and I’m already at it again.  I blame my wanderlust on my parents, who always brought my brother and I everywhere with them as children.  I guess you could say I’ve had itchy feet since I took my first steps.

Our next vacation, if all works out, will be nothing too grandiose.
  We’re looking at renting a cottage in New Brunswick for one week and splitting the cost between hubby and I, my brother and his wife and my parents – our first full-fledged family holiday since we were in high school.  Seeing as the family already has strong ties to New Brunswick (Dad grew up in Moncton and had a cottage in Shediac), it seemed like a logical choice for everyone.  We know the area, we love it and it has something for everyone.  The kids can lounge of the beach and Mom will be able to sit on the deck, read a book and enjoy the breeze…very little walking needed.

I managed to find the perfect cottage the fit the bill and everything we’re looking for; now I just have to hear back from the owner re: availability.
  Fingers crossed and hopefully all will work out. 

It would be bitter sweet being back in the Maritimes.
  I practically grew up in New Brunswick because my Grandmother lived there and we visited often.  It would be the first time that our entire family would be there together after Grammy died.  My hubby and I went on a roadtrip once in high school and stayed with my uncle in the old family home; I could barely stand being there without her in it.  Now the house has been sold – I wonder what it would feel like to see it again.  I still have dream of buying it som day and converting it into a B&B.

Okay, now I’m rambling….

Can’t wait to get the ball rolling and hopefully we’ll be lounging on the East Coast this summer!

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