14 February 2009

Happy LOVE Day

Flowers… check

Exchange of sappy cards… check

Reservation at over-crowded restaurant… check

Either you understand what I am referring to or you’re finding yourself party-of-one in the doghouse this morning.  Yes folks, that syrupy sweet Hallmark holiday is upon us, Valentine’s Day.

Those who know me will readily agree that I’m about as romantic as a bucket.  I’m not one for hand holding, cuddling for hours on end, public displays of affection or barf-worthy nicknames.  So for folks like me, Valentine’s Day is actually a small blessing in disguise.  While I love my husband to death, I don’t always take the time to stop and appreciate him or give ourselves an evening of undivided attention .  In many ways Valentine’s Day, while still superbly cheesy, forces us to take a step back, think of those wedding vows and simply celebrate that very special bond (a.k.a. Love) that exists between you and your sweetie.

This year Valentine’s Day was almost a no-go for hubby and I.  Because we were away on the cruise, we lost track of time and almost forgot about February 14th.  Last night we found ourselves scrambling to make a reservation somewhere nice.   We could have prepared a nice meal together at home but this is something we do on a weekly basis; having someone cook, serve and clean for us is a real treat.  After calling a dozen restaurants, we lucked out by getting the last early seating at a cute Italian place I’ve been meaning to try...score!

Wishing a Happy LOVE Day to you, your sweeties and your families out there.
  And ladies…milk the special treatment for all its worth today.  

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