17 January 2009

Oh boy, the weekend…

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sporting my typical fashion: wrinkled pajamas, flyaway hair and coffee stains already on my robe.  I look like an absolute wreck and, amusingly, like one of those “this is what marriage looks like a few years down the road” warnings.   It ain’t pretty but it’s me in my natural state and I’m as happy as the proverbial pig in mud.  I’d feel bad about my unfashionable state, but hubby is the exact same way…I feel honoured when he wears pants over his boxers some mornings.  All hail the mighty weekend.

Looks like the next two days are gearing up to be busy.
  I’m hosting a birthday dinner tomorrow for my father-in-law and want to pull out all the stops.  Not surprisingly, the bulk of today will be spent finishing the usual laundry and cleaning which will leave me with lots of time in the kitchen tomorrow.   Sure I could just order a cake and keep things simple but I always think a birthday dinner should be a labour of love – like an extra add on to the gift.  Le menu: glazed carrots and beans, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet and spicy roast.  For dessert I’ll be trying out a new recipe for a maple-walnut layer cake; it looks complicated and sinfully delicious…right up my alley.

Cleaning and cooking aside, I will be taking an hour or two for myself this evening.
  I’m having more lowlights and highlights added to my hair.  Funny how I actually want to add “more” red to my hair; as I child I hated being the “ginger kid”. I added blonde highlights to my hair for years and only recently started using strong coppers and darker browns.  While my natural hair colour is beautiful, I find the darker colours really kick it up a notch.  Thankfully there is no gray hair to cover just yet…phew!

That’s all for now folks. It’s off to item #1 for the day - trimming the nails on my two cranky fur-babies (a.k.a. guinea pigs) and a haircut for poor Clancy.
  Don’t worry, hubby and I always suffer more than they do. 

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