18 January 2009

Tales of the rambling brunette?

Yesterday’s visit to the hair salon has me wondering whether I should change the title of my blog…

I suppose I’m still a redhead, albeit a multi-tonal one.
  Never one to shy away from a change or trend, I decided to add a healthy dose of brown lowlights to my hair.  It’s a bit of an adjustment but I’ve always wanted to go darker.  With the summer months gone, it was time to oust the blonde and find a nice rich shade for the cooler months.  I actually find that the darker color compliments my pale complexion, an attribute that I am slowly learning to embrace.

I have no doubt that my parents will hate my hair, but then again they never really want me to change.
  I was a little concerned to see what hubby would think when he picked me up from the salon; thankfully, I’m happy to report that he’s still attracted to his wife : )

Now I’ll be content with my hair for another few weeks until it’s time for the big post-cruise chop.
  Humidity and short hair don’t mix well for me and subsequently I opted to keep the annoying extra few inches of shaggy growth to pull my tropical-induced afro back into a ponytail.  Something tells me that no amount of straightening will work on the cruise.

The current look:

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