31 January 2009

Hasta luego

Bags packed…check!
Passports in hand…check!
Dorky smiles on face…check!

We’re off!

Being the ever-faithful blogger that I am, I’m signing in to say farewell. Actually, I’m trying to prevent myself from going crazy by killing some time before my Father-In-Law arrives to drive hubs and I to the airport.  Miraculously, by the grace of God, I actually managed to sleep quite well last night.  I’m fully charged and rearing to go…like a puppy on speed…poor hubs…

Adios fair readers.  Be sure to check back later and maybe you’ll find an update from middle of the Gulf of Mexico.  No promises but I’ll do my best.

Want to follow the rambling redhead? (baring all stalkers of course) Check out the daily NCL Spirit ship camera.  I can’t guarantee you anything exciting… unless you actually enjoy seeing the bow of a ship and hints of ocean for seven days straight (there may also be a dock or two thrown in for good measure).

Ciao for now.

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Ms. Homeowner said...

I can't wait to see your photos- I'm so jealous!

You don't know me, but I found your blog on WBells, and I just really liked your writing style, so I started reading. I hope you don't mind!

If you mosey over to my blog, I tagged you with the "10 Honest things about yourself" post. Tag 7 people, let them know, and then list 10 honest things about yourself...if you want to!

Ms. Homeowner