30 January 2009

Going to POP!

I’ve tried to remain cool, calm and collected this entire work week but I can no longer contain my excitement…..Aieeeeeeeeeeee! Hubs and I are jetting off bright and early tomorrow for NOLA and a cruise to Central America. Adios damn snow!

Thankfully most of the packing is done and out of the way. We’ll have a busy evening as we have to pack up the “Grandpigs” and bring them to my parents. I also have to find time to fit in a workout (in preparation for major gluttony), paint my nails and do my hair. The goal is to roll out of bed tomorrow and head to the airport for 7:30 a.m. - no time or inclination to primp and preen that early in the morning.

Cross your fingers for us folks. Here’s hoping that Mother Nature cooperates with our travel plans tomorrow and that we don’t miss or short connection in D.C. Hopefully I’ll be sipping on a Hurricane tomorrow evening on Bourbon Street.

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