25 January 2009

Busy bees

I am allowing myself a 30 minute break his morning to sit, drink coffee and write about how busy hubby and I have been this weekend…kind of ironic isn’t it? Even my idea of relaxation involves productivity to some degree. Then again, I never consider blogging “work;” it’s my own quirky way of enjoying myself.

On Friday evening hubs and I headed to the Rideau Centre for our pub dinner and some cruise-related shopping. We finally managed to find a nice white beach shirt for hubby to wear. Luck was smiling down on us because we paid only $20 for a gorgeous designer shirt from the Bay; it looks great on him and will be very sharp with some tan pants and brown dress shoes. While there aren’t many benefits to this recession, the shopping is certainly cheap right now to encourage consumers to buy. If you are fortunate enough to have the flexibility to shop right now, the sales are certainly a bonus. We have been able to pick up several odds and ends for our trip for only a fraction of the regular retail value.

Saturday saw more rushing around, cleaning the house at a trip to the clinic for my long-awaited neck and thyroid ultrasound. I’m not overly concerned about the results because I still can’t feel any lumps, nodes or bumps, but it will be good to put the matter to rest (hopefully) once the results come back. I did have a slight abnormality in my blood work and will have to start taking Vitamin D supplements…not a big worry because this is a common deficiency in women living in cooler climates where we get less hours in the sun. Looks like that cruise will done me some good!

On the way back from the clinic, hubby and I stopped off at Best Buy to look at purchasing a new point and shoot digital camera to replace the bulky model we have at home. While my current Cannon takes nice pictures, it really is a pain to lug around or fit inside a purse. Because I like to enlarge some of my nicer pictures (I have a small revolving gallery in the loft), I also wanted something with at least 10 mp. We ended up settling for a nice little Nikon CoolPix S550 – tiny, slim, lots of handy functions, good quality pictures and budget-friendly ( all things considered). I spent a good chunk of this morning annoying hubby and using him as a model to test out various camera functions. I am happy to report that I’m in love with my new little baby…can’t wait to take her on vacation!

The rest of today is gearing up to be busy (Qu’elle surprise!). Mom and dad are coming for dinner and I have a fair bit of prep work to do before the slow cooker starts simmering away. It’s another France-themed night: chicken cassoulet, Bordeaux wine and a yummy cherry clafouti for dessert…always a favourite! Somewhere in between, I have to find time to start packing for the trip and fitting in my weight training…to prep for all that indulgence on the cruise.

Know what I’m looking forward too? Not having to cook or clean for an entire week! While I do enjoy being busy and hardly ever sit idle, I would love the freedom to simply flit around and do as a please without having to lift a wash cloth and cleaner. Hubby totally concurs! Seven more days…bring it on!

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