23 January 2009

Billy for the win...and other fun stuff

Despite the fact that I only got to hit the ball about ten times last night (a.k.a. nobody passes to the short girl at net), the BWE managed to win all three games in our season opener last night. Kudos should definitely go to our competitors because it was their first time meeting each other and playing together as a team. Team #6 (currently without a name) is made up of separate individuals that signed up to form a group; now that takes real balls (pardon the pun)! To their credit, they also didn’t let us run away with the score; I imagine that they will become a solid team after a few weeks of playing together. All in all, it was some decent volleyball.

Last night I also enjoyed unveiling my volley T-Shirt. Behold the awesomeness pictured above. The only difference is that my shirt is a white tank top. I know, I know…I’m a classy sort of dame.

It has been a busy week of both work and play and I find myself looking counting the hours until the weekend. I imagine that hubs and I will be busy rushing around picking up odds and ends for the cruise. I’ll probably start packing this weekend as extra curricular activities will take up most of my weeknights until we leave. I’m always a little more spastic and neurotic when packing for a cruise. Call me crazy but I don’t think there are too many Wal-Marts in the Gulf of Mexico; it’s important to pack all those essentials because you won’t find them at sea (or you’ll have to fork over astronomical prices at the onboard shops). Undoubtedly I end up packing far too many outfits and shoes…enough to cloth half of the ship’s population. Cruising is all about luxury and baby, I travel I style!

Other exciting tidbits?

(a) Hubby is taking me out for dinner tonight - nothing fancy, just good 'oul pub grub. I have been craving a particular veggie burger for an entire month and can hold out no longer!

(b) The results are in from my “lip lump” biopsy. All is well and it was a simple mucocele as predicted. I still have a slight lump on the inside of my lip (not visible) but I’m certain that it’s only from scar tissue and should heal within the year. Phew!

(c) I have an Ultrasound this weekend. Surprise, I’m pregnant…just kidding! I wish the news was that good. Unfortunately my doctor felt a small node in my subclavicular region. He didn’t seem to think much of it but is send me for a scan of my thyroid and sub clavicle just to be on the safe side. I honestly still can’t feel anything there.

(d) I am wearing new pair of yellow/blue spike heel shoes today and that makes me ridiculously and inexplicable giddy.

(e) I would like to say a big “Hello” to relatives (Hi Maddy and Mike), friends and strangers who visit the blog. I would also like apologize for the infrequent updates. Who knows, I may redeem myself by blogging from the sea!

Stay tuned! More wacky antics are coming your way.

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