03 December 2008

Meet me on the Hill

I have never actively protested against anything in my life before; then again, I have never felt so strongly about a cause in my life until now. I suppose many of us take democracy for granted, only to realize the full weight of its importance once it is threatened or compromised.

On Saturday, December 6th, hubby and I will be heading to Rally for Canada on Parliament Hill. This is not a mere gathering of Conservatives; it is an active protest for anyone who values democracy and opposes the proposed coalition government. This event marks a unique moment in Canadian history. For the first time, a myriad of different party supporters will be coming together to protest in the name of one common cause – democracy and the right to determine the future of this country.

On one hand it’s a dark hour for Canadians; the fact that a coalition government is even being proposed is preposterous. On the other hand, it gives me hope to see so many Canadians suddenly taking an interest in national politics. People from all walks of life will be coming together to make their voices heard. Even many Liberal and NDP supporters that I have spoken with are floored by the idea of a coalition government. In a nutshell, this isn’t what Canadians asked for.

Put an unelected leader in charge of the nation?

Pander to the demands of the Bloc Québécois to garner their support?


Coalition Government?
Political and democratic suicide!

If care about this country at all, please join the rally for democracy on December 6th. Visit http://www.rallyforcanada.ca/ for a list of events taking place in your region. Stand up for what you believe in, before the liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois try to strip us of this right.

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