04 December 2008

Talking heads and tough times ahead

Words cannot even begin to describe how upsetting last evenings address to the nation was. I was expecting some hard-hitting / historical speeches and found myself wanting; I honestly think I could have written something more riveting myself. Sadly, Harper delivered a short, lukewarm message that didn’t touch enough on some of the main issues at hand. Dion’s speech was simply painful, especially considering that it was over 30 minutes late, leaving the media scrambling to provide filler during the long gap in their national broadcast. When we finally did get to see Dion’s message, it looked as though it was recorded on the video setting of a Canon Sure Shot on a damn tripod – a blurry, incoherent, talking head. It was just another in a long list of amature displays from the Liberal party, reaffirming my belief that Dion is not fit to lead this country…not even for a short period of time.

The best speech of the evening, although I hate to admit it, was from Jack Layton. While I’m personally not a fan of the NDP, I cannot deny him credit for playing the game well and being an excellent leader for his party. That being said, I still think he would run us into an ever larger deficit if he ever took the reigns of national leadership. He’s makes a strong opposition and I think that’s where he sits best. I can’t help but wonder if even good old Jacky felt like pummeling Dion last evening...

Not surprisingly, Gilles Ducep’s response centered primarily around the needs and wants of les Québécois. I’m somewhat frightened that this whole muddle will provide the separatists with momentum again. After last evening, it appears that Harper may have shot himself in the foot and burned his bridges in “la belle province”.

Today Prime Minister Harper with be meeting with the Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, to discuss the future of his government. It is anticipated that a decision will be made to prorogue Parliament until the budget release in late January 2009. The only other two options are to (a) dissolve Parliament and invite the coalition to form a government or (b) send Canadians to the polls for another national election. No matter how you slice it, it won’t be a very Merry Christmas for many Canadians.

And now, to make you laugh during these uncertain times, here’s who could be leading our nation soon – Stéphane Dion - the same man who was rejected by three-quarters of Canadians voters only seven weeks ago, with only a meager 26% share of the popular vote… the worst election outcome by a Liberal leader in history.

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