29 October 2008

Keep the curtains closed…

Have you ever woken up one morning, stared out of the window and yelled $#@&!? I have…just this morning to be exact.

Cold, miserable, wet and dreary – that’s what greeted my bleary eyes this morning. Halloween is exactly two days away and Ottawa has officially had its first snow storm and dump of the season. We haven’t even had a chance to put our winter tires on the car yet. I grumbled miserably to myself this morning as I trudged my way into work from the Rideau Centre. I had to close my eyes for most of the 20-minute walk because the wind was biting and it kept freezing the tears in my eyes.

The fact that the onset of snow can manage to depress me this much, once again indicates that I was never destined to live in this city. Don’t get me wrong; I adore Ottawa! I just tend to hate it for about one-quarter of each calendar year...as I suppose I would with any snowy city in the world. My pasty skin and pallor does little to support my love and tolerance for warm, humid and sunny days, but I swear to God I'm not built for this chilly climate. I’d like to say that I’m made of sterner stuff but I’m clearly not. Any girl that starts wearing her reindeer flannel pajamas in early September is a certified weather wimp.

Forget the fact that the snow will undoubtedly melt in two-days when the weather goes back up to 13Cº. The fact that I even had to see snow out my window this early in the year is a horrific reminder of the crap to come. Better get used to it because it will be back before I know it.

But I can still moan and grumble as much as I like; I’m Canadian after all and it’s an inherent right in this land!

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Ms. Homeowner said...

I hear ya- Living in Calgary, we've patented the "Dump of snow, melts two days later" phenomena, thanks to the Chinooks off the mountains. It makes outfit planning IMPOSSIBLE!

We're lucky, though- still warm (15-20 degrees every day) with no snow in sight....