28 October 2008

Our Night of Fright…

I realize that I’m a few days late with the party recap, but I think that I earned myself a few days of well-deserved rest!

Saturday’s party was a big success, minus a few last-minute bailouts due to illness. I believe we had roughly eighteen adults in total, with the addition of two adorable little munchkins. Needless to say, it was a good crowd with lots of original outfits and some pretty fierce competition for the Best Costume trophy. In the end, the honour went our good friends M & L and their new little baby boy C. Despite being a new mommy of only 6-weeks, L still managed to find the time to sew three costumes by hand. The family went as the Wizard of Oz: Mommy as Dorothy, Daddy as the Scarecrow and baby as the Lion. If that doesn’t make you heart melt, you’re clearly not human!

I am happy to report that this year’s goodies table was bigger and better than ever. The theme food was quite popular and surprisingly easy to make. I actually managed to finish up in the kitchen long before the party started...spooky!

As the pictures will confirm, hubby and I decided to dress as hardcore punk rockers. More specifically, we were dressed as members of our band “Sick Addiction” from Rock Band II. Yes, I fully realize that this is a public testament to our geekiness but come on, look at us! How cool are we?!? Actually, I think hubby really pulls off the rocker look quite well. There’s something about that rebel look….hmmmmm…. Me on the other hand, well the outfit would be enough to make any parent cringe!

On Sunday morning hubby and I gleefully tore down the interior Halloween decorations (the outside is still crazy for the 31st). Despite my love of Halloween, it’s nice not living in a theme house anymore or jumping at creepy displays and pumpkin reapers when I’m half asleep and wandering downstairs for my morning cup of java. Another year gone, another great party!

Pumpkin reaper complete with black lights

Witches hats

Zombie fingers


Peeved Pumpkakes

Lyndon Slewidge, Spartacat and Daniel Alfredsson

The crazy lady

The Joker

Dead Ensign

Film Noir detective

Hubs and I, the rockers

Chocolate and the Goddess

Princess Leah and Stormtrooper

No, I was NOT drunk!

Our wonderful winners, how cute are they?!?

Mr. Clean (He even cleaned a few spills...)

Old University buddies
(older, better, but certainly not more mature)

Keg man

The hosts of the evening

And so the Rock begins

Hubs getting into the spirit!

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