02 September 2008

Wild weekend wrap up…

It’s Tuesday morning and I am begrudgingly sitting at my computer wishing that I was still in bed recovering from a wild Labour Day weekend. The fact that I could even lift my head from its pillow is somewhat miraculous.

Saturday was my future-Sister-In-Law’s bachelorette party and I am happy to report that we gave her a day and night to remember for the rest of her life. The day started off at the Maid-Of-Honour’s house for an in-home spa treatment, complete with lots of alcohol, treats and girly chat. In the evening some other ladies joined us for a potluck dinner and, the big surprise, a belly dancing lesson! This proved to be an wonderful idea and we all had a blast trying to gyrate our hips and mimic the instructor. The awesome MOH even picked up belly dancing skirts for the bridal party while she was in New York City a few weeks ago. I loved it so much that I’m seriously considering taking a few more lessons this Fall.

Following our foray into belly dancing, a group of us capped off the evening out on town. We went into one club and left shortly after because the crows seemed way too young and pretentious (most of us ladies are old married gals now). Thankfully we were able to find a better place with a fun crowd that was more than happy to fuss over the bride-to-be and her crew. Oddly enough, it was a grungier “rock” place and we looked like a princess and her royal court compared to the rest of the clientele. You can’t judge a book by its cover, however, because the club was awesome…one of the best places I’ve been to in years. The added bonus is that my old wedding D.J. now broadcasts a show LIVE on the radio from the club every Saturday night. I am happy to report that he is still going strong and is just as wild and entertaining as he was at our wedding reception. We had so much fun that we actually closed the bar down past 2:00 A.M. – something I haven’t done since my first year of University. I think even hubby was impressed that I didn’t get in the door until 3:00 A.M.

On Sunday morning I wore by badge of “hard-core partier” with pride. I barely had a voice left after shouting over the music in the club the previous night. Thankfully, I was smart enough to take care with the alcohol, so there wasn’t a hangover or headache in site. I looked and sounded like a train wreck but I felt smugly satisfied with myself - proof that this old married broad can still go out, shake it up with the best of them and live to tell the tale. Okay, so I’m not that prehistoric…it has just been ages since I’ve been to a club. Looking at the younger folks on the dance floor reminded me that I really am getting older. I have a feeling that this will probably be one of my last times in the Market. I think I’ve officially transitioned to Elgin Street age – the designated spot for Ottawa’s older party-goers. I’m oddly okay with this change…being hit on by guys eight years younger than you no longer feels good; it just becomes creepy at a certain point.

After having a good lie-in on Sunday, I was able to recharge my batteries and prepare dinner for some friends that hubby and I haven’t seen for a while. Because of volleyball and a wonky summer schedule, we haven’t been able to entertain as much as usual. Needless to say, a dinner party was long overdue and we more than made up for it with some good food and excellent wine. After getting a little tipsy is was off to the basement to lure yet another couple into the wonderful world of “Rock Band”. Thank God I was on the drums because my voice was almost non existent by this point.

On Monday I decided to take things a little easier. I enjoyed a ladies lunch out in the market with two of my best gal pals (and former bridesmaids). One of my friends was visiting from Toronto with her newborn baby son. The last time I saw the little guy, he was not a happy camper and was determined to keep his mommy from enjoying her dinner. This time I am happy to report that the little munchkin was as good as gold and I got to hold him….so cute! Luckily, daddy was on hand to give mommy a break with just her gal pals so, after visiting with the baby, the three of us headed out for a nice lunch at Milestones and some decadent dessert at Oh So Good. It was a nice afternoon out and fun to catch up with old friends. We used to go out every Monday for Margaritas during our summer breaks in University; now we’re lucky if we can get together a few times each year…how life changes!

Once again, it seems as though I’m returning to work more tired than when the weekend started. Although I’m sleepy, I wouldn’t trade these past three days for anything - lots of fun and loads of good memories. Only four more days now until my brother gets married. I still have a hard time picturing him at the altar; for years he never though he would get married and now the day has almost arrived. I’m still not sure whether I will cry or not. I remained dry eyed on the day of my own wedding, but there’s something so emotional about watching someone else take their vows…especially when, in your eyes, they are still that same goofy kid that used to tease you and play fight all the time. Here’s hoping I keep my emotions in check and don’t turn into a blubbering fool…no promises though.

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