29 August 2008

Here come the hens…

Beware fine gentlemen of Ottawa. Wedding season is in full swing and we all know what that means - Bachelorette time! Yes folks, it’s that wonderful season where otherwise-sane woman throw caution to the wind, principles to the wayside and decency out the door. Prepare to be ogled, cajoled and dared…not that you mind I’m sure.

This weekend I will be joining the catty masses of giggling women, as I celebrate my future SLAW’s (a.k.a. Sister-In-Law) final send off. She’s a very brave soul for agreeing to marry my brother, so she deserves a memorable party of epic proportions, not to mention a motion for canonization…

I cannot yet reveal what fun lies in store for this weekend, in case my lovely SLAW is reading this. Let’s just say that the bridal party will be taking good care of her and keeping things original. I have no doubt that the bride will be tagged in many Facebook pictures after the festivities…poor gal.

This will be the first time that I will ever get to experience a bachelorette as a dirty, old married lady. I’ve heard that we always make the rowdiest party goers…maybe it has something to do with yearning for the long-lost days of our singlehood. Perhaps it’s also because we’ve been through all the hoopla before ourselves and are keen to exact revenge. But best of all, we know that at the end of the night we’ll be returning to our peacefully slumbering hubby’s and thanking our lucky stars that we’ve already found our man - a real solid guy and not some beer-saturated (albeit muscular) frat boy.

Lookout world, here we come.

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