30 September 2008

Hello motivation, nice to see you again…

After what seems like months of overindulgence, it’s time to get off my posterior and start taking care of myself again. It seems that this summer was ridiculously busy and it was near impossible to avoid fattening foods and alcohol. While I’m still a reasonable weight, I do find my pants fitting a little more snugly. Seeing that I chucked out all my “chubby” clothes last winter, I have no choice but to remain faithful to a consistent diet and exercise…either that or I go naked….

After almost six months left to my own devices, I have decided to start tracking my progress with the Weight Watchers online program again. This is not a diet; it is simply a means of helping me be aware of the types and quantity of food that I am eating. I try not to get too hung up on daily Points allowances, but I do use the plan to help guide my meal planning and ensure that I’m not straying too far off the path. It’s a very easy system and I’m hoping that the old “bite it and write it” policy will help me find my focus again. Sadly, I think I will always have the appetite of a 300 lb. man…I have no idea where it comes from or, rather, where the heck I store it all?!?

Thankfully, my saving grace is that I have been smart enough to keep up the regular exercise routine. In order to keep things "fresh" I have also joined a cardio kick-boxing class and yoga at work. The bonus - I get my exercise out of the way before I get home in the evening on two weeknights, giving me more time to prepare healthy meals and, shock of all horrors, have some down time to relax. Mixed with volleyball on Thursday nights and some intermittent weight training at home, I don't think things will get dull anytime soon.

Wish me luck folks! With two Thanksgiving dinners, a late anniversary trip to Kingston and Halloween festivities on the way, it looks like October is gearing up to be equally indulgent. With a bit of luck and whole ton off willpower, hopefully I won’t be spilling out of my costume at our annual Fright Night bash.

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