03 August 2008

Goblins in August…

I hate to be one of those people who grumbles about the weather, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining so long as it's not snowing, but even I have to concede that this summer has sucked! I'm starting to think that the sun is merely a figment of my imagination. After the harsh winter we had, we are all in need of some Vitamin D and solar therapy. Thank God hubby and I managed to escape to Mexico in April; I think we got more sun in that one week than we probably have over the entire summer...le sigh!

Because it feels like a cool fall day, I already find myself dreaming up plans for my favourite season. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, fall colours, potted mums, harvest time and...wait for it...HALLOWEEN!

Yes folks, despite the fact that I'm almost thirty, Halloween still manages to revert me back to the age of six. It's not just a "day" in our house; it is a long anticipated, high-praised and diligently crafted "event." It's the time of year where I get to unload my six or more decoration boxes from the basement, haul out the tombstones, goblins, fog machine and cobwebs, and generally become the subject of much amusement to my neighbours. Yup...we become "those" people on the block!

While the mounds of decorations would be enough to satisfy most insane folks, they are only one layer to the complexity that is Halloween chez nous. Even more exciting than the goblins, is the costume party that we throw for our friends. "How serious are the hosts?" you ask. Let's just say that nobody is allowed into the house unless they are wearing a costume; the guests even casts votes for best costume and we hand out a trophy at the end of the night. The wheels have already started spinning and I have no doubt that I'm not the only one that has started piecing together costume ideas for this year. It's a very serious business, not to be taken lightly!

So here I find myself in August, dreaming of October with an excitement that far overshadows my disgruntlment over the current lack of sun. Who needs sun when you're a vampire, right? (Hardy Har Har)

Next time you think you're a dweeb, remember me!


Mrs. Spaghetti Bender said...

As if! I thought we were the only couple out there that was crazy for Halloween. Every year we add a large decoration to our collection. It is starting to get out of control.

So much effort is put into decorating - takes about a week. Pumpkin carving, I try to do at least 10 pumpkins. And food preparation.

Unfortunately, some of our friends have become less than enthusiastic since having kids about our parties so I'm not sure if the tradition will continue. =(

Maybe we'll donate our time and effort to a local community center instead.

You must post some Halloween pics. I'm so anxious to see.

The Rambling Redhead said...

EXCELLENT! Glad to know that hubs and I are not alone in our insanity. Or maybe eveyone else is just nuts and we are truly the normal ones??? Yeah...I like that spin better!

And 10 pumpkins?!? Jesus, Mary and Joseph - You are officially my hero!