05 August 2008

A very short long weekend…

Why does it seem that the more days we have off, the faster time speeds by? In my case, I suppose it’s because hubby and I manage to fill every waking moment of our ‘spare’ time with some sort of activity, task or event. To be honest, I suppose the bulk of the blame rests squarely on my shoulders. I’ve said it time and time again - I can never seem to sit still!

Saturday was spent cleaning the office and ridding ourselves of the copious amounts of paper and receipts that we managed to accumulate over the past two years. Let this be a warning to prospective home buyers; when purchasing your first humble abode, you will typically amass enough paperwork to build, or rather kill, a small forest. Add this to warranty slips, home inspection documents, user manuals for new appliances and doodads and, not to be forgotten, all the fun and fabulous bills that that you pay and you will soon find yourself swimming in a sea of paper. For a clean freak and self-admitted “clutterphobe” this is a huge, HUGE problemo!

So Saturday was pretty much a write off. We managed to get through most of the cleaning and the office now resembles something befitting professional adults and not our former University glory. We threw in the towel late in the afternoon and got down to the serious and much more enjoyable task of preparing one of my favourite dishes - Sicilian Chicken. It had been ages since hubby and I sat down together, just the two of us, to a nice home-cooked meal and a good bottle of vino. Our plans to entertain that evening fell through but it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Yes folks, even two years into our marriage, we still enjoy quality time together (eat that, Hollywood!)

Sunday saw the continuation of the cleaning spree, mixed in with some random errand running for good measure. We played beach volleyball in the evening, despite the temperamental weather, and were soundly beaten by the first ranked team in the league. I am happy to admit that despite the three-game loss we played well and didn’t manage to humiliate ourselves too much. We are getting progressively better as a team and while we are not in the top ranks, we are certainly not the worst either. We had a good time and on the way home hubs and I celebrated our valiant loss at our local pub - replete with sweat, sand and muddied feet. With hubby in his tank top, complete with awesome red neck and snow-white arms, and me in my short shorts and classy “Little Miss Naughty” T-Shirt, I’m sure we made a fabulous picture. I was temped to tell people that hubby was taking me out for our first wedding anniversary – LOL

Monday, our last day of ‘rest’, was capped off with a visit to the Colonel By Day celebrations. I was volunteering as a media relations liaison for the annual Celtic Cross Memorial Ceremony as part of my role with the Irish Society. It was a warm afternoon and luckily the rain held off for the ceremony, but sadly my presence wasn’t really needed as there were very few media outlets present. At any rate, it was a nice ceremony and hubby and I managed to sneak in a Starbucks cheat (yummy mint mocha frappuccino!) and catch a glimpse at some of the entertainers as part of the Busker Festival on Sparks Street while we headed back to the car.

The grand finale to our long weekend was yet another satisfying team-effort in the kitchen. I wanted to try a new recipe for Mediterranean Chicken in avocado salsa. Despite the addition of some overly-strong olives, it was delicious and definitely something that I will add to the growing repertoire of favourites.

It was a busy but delicious weekend that ended far too soon for my liking!

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