17 April 2008

Vicissitudes of the veiny redhead…

By now most readers probably know that over the past year I have turned my life around, lost a considerable amount of weight and become somewhat of an exercise junkie. I can honestly say that, forehead wrinkles and laugh lines aside, I feel younger and healthier today than I ever have before.

While I’m far more pleased with myself internally and externally, I have come to encounter one small issue that I had never even considered…I have since become one hell of a “veiny” woman!

I’m not sure whether it’s the weight training or simply the loss of fat between skin and muscle, but I have started to notice huge monster veins in my forearms that were previously invisible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I’m starting to look more toned but veins have always creeped me out! Perhaps this phobia has something to do with an overexposure to muscle magazines and posters that my father kept in his gym while I was growing up. I remember seeing women with hulk-like arms and bulging veins and thinking to myself, “Gross…why would any woman do that to herself?!?” To be honest, I think many of them were on steroids and hormones, but I remember that those pictures appalled me and my perfectly conventional view of what women were “supposed” to look like. Several years later, I find myself staring at the same nasty, snaking streaks of blue on my own body - not quite as bulgy but still quite visible with my pasty redhead complexion.

In a perfect world I would have kept my “chubby-gal” alabaster skin, yet still have the benefit of toned muscles. I’m sure I’m over exaggerating the matter…but I really HATE veins (too bad we actually need them). On the plus side, giving blood should become much easier. I may not be able to stand looking at myself, but I can assure you that I’ve since become a phlebotomist’s dream!

(p.s. The woman in the picture is NOT me...!)

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