18 April 2008

Catcalls and wolf whistles…things are heating up in Ottawa

It’s a warm and sunny Friday afternoon in the nation’s capital. At 24ºC, the city is in a festive mood as in finally says goodbye to a long and oppressive winter. The sidewalks are filled with walkers, shoppers and window browsers, while the marketplace pubs and patios are overflowing with people desperate to grab a pint and make the most of this glorious weather.

On days like this it’s hard not to feel just a little bit lighter, brighter and, in some cases, more confident or daring. When the sun comes out, it seems as though inhibitions are thrown to the wind and people feel the need to express themselves. Perhaps it’s a way of shrugging off the final vestiges of winter, those dark months where the bulk of us hide under frumpy coats and dismal attitudes, or perhaps I am just being too charitable…

Yes folks, you know that the season has officially turned the corner when men start to catcall, wolf whistle or just plain old ogle. Welcome to the season of jeering, leering and cheering.

On my lunch hour walk today, I was ogled twice, wolf-whistled at and engaged in a conversation at a traffic light. Trust me folks, I’m not one that typically notices these things or inspires this kind of reaction; I’m wearing a frumpy t-shirt and jeans for God’s sake! I guess men are just happy to finally be able to look at any woman that isn’t buried beneath a parka. On the flip side, I can’t exactly complain about seeing fit guys jogging in snug-fitting shorts…but at least I’m discreet in my observations and less vocal with my admiration!

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