23 April 2008

Pity party, table for one...

Day two in the world of back pain and I find myself feeling a little nervous. I managed to make it through the work day yesterday in relative comfort, however things got pretty desperate around dinner time. Dan and I finally went to Mambo Nuevo Latino, a Latin restaurant in the Byward Market that I have been anxious to try. Sadly, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the atmosphere and delicious food because my back started to twitch and ache again. To make matters worse, I think that the Robaxacet caused me to have trapped gas in my chest and abdomen. All together, it made for a pretty horrific combination.

After paying our bill and hightailing it out of the restaurant, hubby rushed me home and put me to bed. On the plus side, I was able to lay straight on my back without too much discomfort, an improvement from the previous night at least. I decided to sleep it off and see how I would feel this morning before heading to the doctor’s office. While the pain is still present, it doesn’t seem to be quite as spastic so far. I’ll see how the remainder of the day goes before I decide to do anything about it. I suppose it would be wise to get myself an anti-inflamatory, if needed, before I travel to Mexico. My main concern is that I will worsen the condition with travel and I certainly do not want to find myself having to deal with a Mexican medical system.

In short, I am throwing myself a pity party. I still don’t understand why, after months of high physical activity and no injury, I have to suddenly pull, pinch or twist something at this precise moment. I don’t want to cancel my trip because this is pretty much the only time I can get off for months, and yet I don’t want to ruin the vacation by having to sit still for an entire week – no climbing the pyramid at Coba, no cliff jumps at Xel Ha or cave swims and, horror of all horrors, the possibility of no snorkeling trips. I guess I shouldn’t write it all off yet, but I know that the back is one heck of a huge muscle that takes more than a few days to heal once injured.

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