24 April 2008

Grumpy, but almost on my way to happy…

It’s my last day at work before I head off on vacation and I should have left the office about an hour ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am stuck here late trying to sort out Microsoft Outlook problems so that a coworker can send out an email to several distribution lists on my behalf tomorrow. I thought that the 'IT' people would be able to solve my problem relatively easily, but that wasn’t the case. After well over an hour of running back and forth and trying to keep my temper in check, my colleague and I cobbled together a Plan B scenario that will have to suffice. I’m very grumpy right now as all the excitement seems to have aggravated my back again. The muscles were feeling tight but significantly better this morning and now, after running laps around the building, I’m starting to experience a dull ache. To make matters worse, I missed two busses and am now stuck in the office for another 30 minutes. Hubby has taken pity on me and has agreed to pick me up, but he is now tied up in traffic…grumble, grumble, grumble….

Tonight I have a mountain-load of laundry to do and travel documents to print out. While I do enjoy planning vacations, I can't help but get a little frustrated sometimes as I’m always the one that takes responsibility for the finer details . I am the keeper of documents, the studier of maps, the developer of packing lists and the printer of tickets. Between Daniel and myself, I am admittedly the ‘tour de force’ when it comes to organizing; this being said, however, I’m also the one that gets to enjoy the “stress” of traveling. It’s crunch time now and I know that I likely won’t relax until I’m sitting on the beach in Mexico, bags in my room and a double dose of tequila in my very large margarita.

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