09 February 2008

Woes of the rambling redhead

In short, I had a crap week. I lost out on a job competition for the posting that I really wanted and my overall confidence took a bit of a nosedive as I realized that maybe, just maybe, I’m not as faultless as I build myself up to be. We all fail and loosing out on this opportunity was a first for me. Maybe I was overenthusiastic to the point of being inarticulate or maybe it simply wasn’t meant to be; either way I’ve learnt an important lesson - nobody is perfect and we can’t always be first pick at everything. I’m disappointed in myself but I’m moving on and keeping my eyes open to new opportunities.

These next few months are going to be immensely stressful. I have volunteered my time and communications expertise to help out with the city’s Irish Week activities in March in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and will be using the bulk of my laughable leisure time to write/send news releases to all the local media outlets. As if things weren’t hectic enough on the personal front, I also have to plan several large public outreach activities at work. Here’s the real kicker - as of April 1st, I don’t even know if I’ll still be working for the Government. My term is coming to an end in March and I have just been informed that HR will have to run a full-on competition for my job in order to make the position indeterminate. To their credit, they do seem to want to keep me on and finally make me permanent, but this is the only way that policy will allow them to make the position indeterminate; it is the security that I have dreamed of for well over 5 years as a contract/term worker.

So there you have it - my full plate or woes and worries for the next few months. While I always try to write about the lighter side of life, I think it’s also important to let some of those fears off my chest. A good vent session is therapeutic and, if anything, some of you will at least understand why I’ve been acting “less than charming” lately.

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