14 February 2008

Life as a Fashion Icon...

People repeatedly ask me, “How do you do it?” They are, of course, referring to my enviable style and class. For years now, Hollywood’s top A-List celebrities have been turning to me for hair, style and fashion advice. It’s not an easy job, but someone has to set them straight! My “look” is so highly regarded that some people even deign to copy me outright. Here are just a handful of my many students…..

From “beautiful and bright” to “boring and bashful.” I tried to help Katie out as much as I could, but she still fell for that psycho hubby of hers.

Paris often begs me for style advice in that ingratiating little voice of hers. Here she emulates one of my best looks…sadly, she needs a little more makeup to pull it off. We can’t ALL be natural beauties.

Charlize Theron is known for her poignant roles and her sleek style...all due to me, of course. Here she gets it right with my signature choppy textured bob.

From beauty to just plain “Biel.” Jessica is always copying me, much like an annoying little sister.

And the Oscar goes to….Me!

Youth and enthusiasm Vs. age and experience. Who will you vote for? Either way, both will lie to you!


Liz said...

alright, the last one is the scariest! And the second last one you almost look like Jennifer Aniston

labboy said...

like your site.