08 January 2008

Singing the blues with the winter blahs...

It’s only the beginning of January and I’m already sick and tired of winter. After several record snowfalls in December, I’ve pretty much reached my snow quota for the year. In a perfect world, it would snow lightly only until Christmas day and then melt completely by January1st. In some ways, my dreams are coming true as we are currently experiencing some unseasonably warm weather and rain in Ottawa. The monster snow banks have started to melt, only to be replaced by dark brown mush and the lovely spring-like scent of freshly thawed dog poop…gross!

Despite the melting and warmer weather, which I’m sure will be short-lived, I still cannot shake the winter blahs. What really seems to bother me is the constant lack of sun. I detest walking to and from work each day under dark skies. If the sun does peep out, it always seems to happen when I’m sealed away in my office and never on the weekends. It’s starting to feel quite oppressive; I have no idea how the folks up North handle this time of year.

I would love nothing more right now than to hop on a plane and fly to somewhere tropical. This time last year, I was excitedly counting down the days until our blissful Southern Caribbean cruise. Of course, now that I’m 20lbs down and could actually sport a bikini without the ‘cringe-factor’, I am stuck in dreary old Ottawa. I suppose there will always be other years and opportunities and I should be grateful for the amount of travel that I have already accomplished in my 26 years.

For now I will have to be content with staring at my lamp, snuggling up to the radiator and listening to Tito Puente recordings, as I glare at my newly painted walls, knowing full well that they cost me at least a few plane tickets to a tropical paradise. Growing up and making responsible adult decisions sucks!

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