07 January 2008

A change of pace…sort of…

This weekend I managed to do the impossible…I relaxed! Or to be more precise, I stayed home and cleaned the house top to bottom but I didn’t go out and I didn’t entertain. Cut me some slack; that’s about as ‘relaxed’ as I’m capable of being.

Time and time again, hubby laughingly tells me that I’d go nuts unless I had something to stress about or fuss over; sadly I really am starting to believe him. Unless I’m filling my days with a millions tasks and plans, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Thankfully Daniel seems to think this is an endearing trait. He simply stands back, shakes his head and watches me rush around like a madwoman. Patience truly is a virtue and luckily he has it in spades. Too bad a bit of that laissez faire mindset wouldn’t rub off on me.

On Saturday, Daniel and I reluctantly took down the Christmas tree. I always find this an bittersweet task because on one hand it reminds me that a new year of adventures is just beginning, but on the other hand, it signals the end of another chapter in our lives…our first year of marriage, our first year in our home, etc. Moving forward into the unknown is two-pronged; it’s exciting and yet it’s also a little daunting. In retrospect though, I suppose the same could be said of everyday life. You can never be 100% certain of what will happen from one moment to the next. Perhaps this is why it is important to slow down, take a breather from time to time and enjoy life for what it is. I hate to wax philosophical, but I do find myself thinking about this more. Not sure many other 26 year olds think this way, but I have always been told that I’m a bit of an “old soul”. An old soul with a young body that won't seem to let me chill out - now there's a predicament if I've ever heard one.

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