13 October 2006

Wine + Couch + T.V. = Happy

At long last, Friday has arrived. It’s lunchtime and I’m already counting the hours until I get to go home and relax…bar my plans to cook supper, clean the guinea pig and the bathrooms….

My overall goal for this evening is to be sitting in front of the TV by 8:00 p.m. I vow to drop whatever I am doing at that point and vegetate for the remainder of the night. For someone who does not know how to relax, this is a highly ambitious plan! I typically try to set these little goals for myself and always end up multitasking – i.e. Watching TV while exercising on the elliptical, ironing, sewing, and more recently, writing thank you card for wedding gifts. Tonight the hands shall remain idle; this is my promise to you dear readers!

Part of my Friday enthusiasm is also due, in part, to my recent discovery of a new television program. Normally I’m not one to get hooked on new shows, but I have fallen madly in love with “Men in Trees”. It’s nothing deep or perplexing – SCORE – with just the right amount of romance and quirky characters. Critics are calling it a mix of “Sex & The City” and “Northern Exposure”…not too far off the mark in my opinion. If you are looking for something light and airy with a few good laughs, I highly recommend it.

I also have to admit, the show has an additional draw. Introducing my guilty little Friday night pleasure:

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