12 October 2006

Two days until the weekend…not that I’m counting

Yet another rough morning in the Tomka residence. My intentions are always good; each night I set my alarm for 5:30am. Unfortunately, my body has a completely different notion of wakeup time. This morning it took three attempts before I was able to haul my sorry self out of bed. Sleep…such a lovely sounding word…

Now that the wedding is over I hope that Daniel and I can start to relax a little. Looking back over the past few months, it occurred to me that we haven’t had a full weekend to ourselves since we moved into the house. Perhaps this is why it has taken so long to finally feel at home in my new surroundings…I haven’t truly been able to enjoy them.

So far the lineup for this weekend is sounding perfect. A little house cleaning, decorating and maybe some art shopping. With the multitude of HBC cards we received for the wedding, I am positively itching to buy some new things for the house. A good trip to Home Sense is also in order. Poor Dan…not exactly his idea of fun…

In other news, Halloween in just around the corner! I am already brewing up some ghoulish ideas for the house and can’t wait to see how my creativity will snowball. For those of you who do not know me, I am an absolute Halloween fanatic! It is my favourite day of the year and I wait for it with childlike anticipation. I think my obsession has only gotten worse as I get older. The fact that I am a first-time homeowner does not help matters.

Dan is also a big child when it comes to this time of year. He shares my disturbing love for scaring the bejesus out of little children. He is one of those “mean” people who will sit as still as a statue, grotesque pumpkin of his head, lying in wait for his next young victim….so very amusing.

This year we will be hosting our very first Halloween party. We have already picked out our costumes and are now looking for spooky interior décor ideas. Something tells me that we’ll be fabricating a dead corpse this weekend. Last night I had a stroke of genius…why not suspend a body from our stairway so that it hangs in our atrium??? Classy! In my opinion there is no such thing as TACKY when it comes to Halloween décor. It’s the one day where you can act certifiably nuts and get away with it.

Perhaps some of my readers have some cool Halloween tips??? If so, please post!

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