29 May 2006

Muddy, messy, fun

Success, victory...poverty! At long last, Dan and I have found a table and corner hutch that will fit inside out tiny dining room. After combing through every furniture store in Ottawa, we finally settled on something at Sears. Way over the anticipated budget but at least it fits our needs and will last us well into the future. Here's the funny part...my parents bought the exact same table two weeks ago. I guess this is concrete proof that I really am turning into my mother.

Per usual, the past few days have been hellishly busy. On Thursday Dan and I finished off our last golf lesson. It was a frustrating yet amusing evening, as I got to finally use my driver. I've mastered the irons and pitching wedge, but this particular club and I don't mix well. I've come to the conclusion that not only do I have a big bust, but my arms are also freakishly short. I must have made a strange sight, but at least I managed to stop slicing the ball on the last few balls in my bucket. (75 balls by the way)

Friday night's concert was hilarious. I can honestly say that I was probably one of the youngest people in the building. Looking out from the box, all Dan and I could see was a sea of white hair and walkers. Oh yeah!!!! All this aside though, it really was a great show. The music isn't exactly my preferred genre, but the few Irish tunes did manage to bring a tear to my eye. Mom and I even burst out into song at a few points. Dan looked like he was going to fall asleep...or throttle me... but it was actually fun to get out with the folks and laugh it up for the evening.
Overall rating: 9 out of 10. Daniel O'Donnell really is the quintessential Irish granny’s boy, but he is an amazing showman with an unbelievably awesome rapport with the crowd.

Saturday morning was spent scrubbing dirt, scum and bugs off of the winter pool blanket - yummy. For anyone who has ever opened a pool, you'll understand what a monumental pain in the @$$ this job is. Kudos to my sweetie for sticking around and helping me and the family out. You know it's love when a guy will stay to see you covered in mud and smelling terrible.
And how did I repay him for his kindness you ask? I was passed out and drooling on his lap by 9:00pm. Seriously, what am I...80???

Sunday was productively spent planting shrubs and flowers. This year was especially fun seeing as I had to redo part of the front landscaping for my parents. Once again, I found myself covered in dirt and grime. Luckily, I happen to enjoy gardening so this was a fun and relaxing day for me. It felt weird to know that this is the last time I'd be shopping for flowers with mom. I'll probably have to plant everything for them again next year, but it won't feel the same as I won't be living there anymore. I'll have my own yard to care for on top of everything. Very strange feeling...a little bitter sweet.

The end of the weekend was spent soaking up some rays by the pool. In order to avoid awkward tan lines for the wedding, I had to strip down to next to nothing. I'm glad both sets of neighbours were away, otherwise I may have started a small scandal. My efforts were well rewarded by the start of a slight tan....or maybe it's just a bunch of freckles joining together. Either way, I now have pigment. Très exciting!

Overall weekend summary = Dirty!

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